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Ammyy Admin Overview

Download Adobe Bridge CC DMG For MacOS

Simplicity is the key in Ammyy Admin’s case. It provides the simplest way for connecting a remote PC. All you need to do is to download this small sized application and run it directly then enter the ID of the computer that you need to connect to. It all happens very quickly and within 20 seconds of the moment the downloading you will be all set to have your first remote session. With Ammyy Admin you can control all sorts of PCs which are connected to internet no matter either they have a real IP address or is behind NAT. Ammyy Admin cannot just only be used as an application for establishing remote connections but it can also be used for voice communication which means you can have a chat with your friends and family. With Ammyy Admin you can transfer your personal data with confidence as it provides security of highest level. UltraVNC Viewer is another application that you can download.

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