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Android Studio Overview

Download Adobe Bridge CC DMG For MacOS

This software was inspired by JeBrains’s IntelliJ IDEA. So Android Studio contains the richness of IntelliJ combined with the abilities requisite for Android development. This software also surrounds the Gradle Engine, with which the tasks are automated and it allows you more streamlined workflow with customized builds. The interface of this software is very much like IntelliJ having some small differences. Its GUI is communicating and it offers quick actions and manipulation of code. It has a set of Lint tools which can be used to test the versions compatibility. Apart from this Android Studio benefits you from the static code analysis, this helps you to identify bugs and perform in-depth analysis. In the end it can be said that Android Studio is a steady and very trustworthy IDE which surrounds the Android specific features. You may also like to download Andy Android Emulator.

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