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Campaign Cartographer 3 Overview

Download Adobe Bridge CC DMG For MacOS

This tool is quite simple but you should not judge this tool by its simplicity that it may be less powerful with limited features in fact the case is reverse for this application and it has got some very powerful tools. It gives you access to a very large choice of mapping styles, symbols and types. This tool will allow you to have fingertip control over each and every aspect of mapping. This tools will allow you to draw what you want in a very accurate way. QuantumGIS is another great application for such work.

Campaign Cartographer 3 Direct Link Download

It will help you to draw maps for role playing and war games. It will assist you in creating maps for the whole world or a specific country apart from maps it also allow s you to create floor plans and furniture. In order to create maps there are lots of blank templates. These templates typically have compass, border lines. When the maps are created you can navigate them  and can zoom them. The maps can be exported as jpg, png or bmp etc that can be used in other applications.

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