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Clam AntiVirus Overview

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Clam AntiVirus is more tilted towards email servers which makes it the more suitable for network administrators than home users. Clam AntiVirus is loaded with multiple command line tools which enables it to perform multi threaded scanning as well as on demand scanning for viruses. This antivirus utility is very simple in its use and does not come with any tutorial but if you still needs some information about its working you can check out the online resource from the developer of this utility. Clam AntiVirus uses command line arguments for virus detection which means it uses very small system’s resources and does not affect the performance of your system. For some more latest features you can also Download Avast Antivirus.

Clam AntiVirus Free Download

All in all Clam AntiVirus is a very handy open source antivirus utility which can be used for detecting worms, malwares, viruses and malware from your system as well as from your emails in order to keep them clean and safe.

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