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Data Rescue Professional Portable Overview

Download Adobe Bridge CC DMG For MacOS

As the application is portable therefore you won’t require to waste your precious time on installing it into your system. Upon initiating the application you will be welcomed by a very intuitive and plain interface which will let you work easily. The interface is wizard based so the newbies can also go through the whole process quite easily as it will guide you at every step. From the setting panel you can easily choose the language for your drive and read error processing mode. You can also filter invalid system files. You can also have the detailed information about your file and drive like its ID, type, number and model etc. Durng scanning process a new window will pop up which will show you the progress bar, total number of GBs that have been scanned and the time remaining for the scanning to be completed. Scans can be saved as a BIN file so that you can restore your required data at any time in future. There is a search function as well by which you can search for a specific file or format starting from a certain keyword. You can also download Power Data Recovery.

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