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eTakeoff Overview

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eTakeoff can jell well with any business scale be it a small one or a huge one. The application also integrates well with electronic plan rooms and solutions for construction estimation. eTakeoff is an application which will grow with your company. So you can start from the small scale and can grow as the needs expand. The are few versions of eTakeoff like the free basic version, Advanced and Premiere version. Its always best suited to start with the Basic version and then upgrade as the situation become more demanding. Moving on to the advanced and Premiere version you will have an access to some new tools like Excel integration tool, Advanced viewing tools, different formulas, assemblies and user defined variations.  Sweet Home 3D is another alternative for Home Design.

ETakeoff Latest Version Download

The importance of eTakeoff can be judged by the fact that thousands of contractors daily use this tool for fulfilling their needs. eTakeoff is considered as one of the top 5 mostly used takeoff tools in the world. The interface of eTakeoff is very user friendly and it loads different drawings a lightening quick rate. Implementations are easy and it comes with constant updates plus great support which makes it an irresistible piece of software.

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