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HeidiSQL​ Overview

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HeidiSQL has a very nice and easygoing interface which supports all the features that are required to perform the database management task easy. It has all the functions and commands which may be needed at any time during data management. There is a very advanced technology behind HeidiSQL manager which will help you establishing a connection between multiple databases to be run at the same time. HeidiSQL is and open source application that can be accessed by anyone free of cost. HeidiSQL can be used for creating custom queries and different tables. Events can also be scheduled while using HeidiSQL.

HeidiSQL Free Download

One striking feature of HeidiSQL is that you can export and import setting very easily with just one click. There is a possibility to import SQL files and you can also synchronize them. Multiple servers can be connected in one single window.

HeidiSQL latest Version Download

On a conclusive note we can say that HeidiSQL is one very powerful database management tool and is one of its kind. It makes the developer’s job more easy and they can perform their tasks efficiently.

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