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MATLAB 2008 Overview

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MATLAB has been released in many versions and today we are going to review MATLAB 2008 which was released in February 2008. There are marked improvements in data handling and analysis and as a result the performance of MATLAB has been boosted enormously. The environment for technical computing has been made more flexible with the introduction of new functions. BLAS and LAPACK libraries have been upgraded. Multi-thread support has been improved enormously. New cutting edge algorithms have been introduced for Hermitian Indefinite Factorization and logarithms. Matlab 2011 is also great alternative for relative older PCs.

MATLAB 2008 Offline Installer Download

User interactivity has been improved greatly and an average programmer can also go through all the process very easily as every thing has been made simple to their core. It has a great capability of showing thing which means you can display things very easily which I guess is not very common in other languages.

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