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MATLAB R2015 Overview

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There are many new features included in this version that has further improved the analysis process. MATLAB R2015a has got a brand new Dashboard section present in the Simulink Library Browser which includes lots of controls and displays like Knob, Lamp, Linear. Half and Quarter Gauge, Rocker, Rotary, Slider and Toggle Switches etc.  These controls and displays can be easily dropped into your model. Once dropped you just need to double click on it in order to associate the control and display to any signal. Another new feature included in MATLAB R2015a is that now you can highlight the Algebraic loop so that you can identify it easily. Before this release identifying Algebraic loop was a heck of a job. Sample time has become more simple as lots of math blocks have been simplified with lesser data. A new type of Scope named Simulink Time Scope has been added in this version. You may also like to download MATLAB 2013.

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