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MetroSidebar Overview

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MetroSidebar is placed at the right side of the desktop which can be set to auto hide if you feel that you have small area left at your desktop. MetroSidebar comes with lots of widgets which can perform several types of actions. On its initialization you will only get the gadgets of digital clock, weather forecast and a search engine. Tough the initial number of gadgets are limited but you can add many more like alarm clock, battery meter, calendar, picture slideshow and many more. And if you think these widgets are not enough than you can go on to download more widgets of your choice.

MetroSidebar Direct Link Download
There are lots of customization options available in MetroSidebar like you can set the application to run on start up of Windows and you can also lock the sidebar on its position and can also set it on auto hide.

Conclusively we can say that MetroSidebar is a very handy application which will enable you to access different application quickly.

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