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Microsoft Windows Longhorn 32 Bit 64 Bit ISO Overview

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Windows Longhorn which was later known as Vista has got loads of new features which has enhanced the security and stability the Operating System. It has got a brand new GUI which is termed as Windows AERO (Authentic, Energetic, Reflective and Open). AERO has been designed s aesthetically charming and pleasing compared to the older versions of Windows. A wide variety of organization, navigation and search capabilities are offered in Windows Shell. In this operating system a new pane named as Favorite links have been added which has enabled one click access to common directories. It has also got Windows Media Player 11 which is a revamped entertainment application for playing or organizing music and video files. Windows Longhorn has also emphasized greatly on security and it has introduced Windows Defender which is an imposing antispyware application with some real time protection agents. Apart from these there are loads of other new features introduced in this version like Games Explorer, Windows Calendar, Windows HotStart and Shadow Copy etc. You can also download Windows Vista 64 Bit.

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