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MusicLab RealGuitar Overview

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It has got a very simple and intuitive interface which is equipped with a virtual guitar. This virtual guitar will help you in creating some impressive compositions. You can also simulate basic techniques of guitar like plucking, strumming and bending etc. There are lots of different modes that you can use in RealGuitar like Steel Stereo, Steel Fingered and Nylon Fingered etc. There is a build-in equalizer in RealGuitar which will allow you to set the pitch and modulation. The tempo can also be set for different compositions. Then there is a Guitar Rhythm Pattern technology which has a power and robust pattern manager. This manager will help you in creating guitar supported tracks with ease. Native Instrument Guitar Rig Pro is another application which will help you in creating some soothing sounds.

MusicLab RealGuitar Free Download

All in all MusicLab RealGuitar is a very productive audio synthesizer which will allow you to create the guitar supported music with ease.

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