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My Notes Keeper Overview

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My Notes Keeper has got a very simple and user friendly interface. It will store your different notes in one file. You can easily insert time stamps and separator lines into your notes. The main window of My Notes Keeper resembles older versions of MS Word which will help you in going through it easily as almost all of us are familiar with MS Word environment. This layout has been divided into three parts. 1St part is dedicated to displaying all the created items. 2Nd one allows you to insert and edit text and the 3rd one will let you create new files. The text editor also lets you format the paragraphs by changing fonts, colors as well as adjusting the alignments. You can also insert the images bullets and tables into your documents. You can also attach new files as well as Flash animations into your documents. You can also manage templates and organize bookmarks. On a conclusive note we can say that My Notes Keeper is a handy application for organizing your notes. You can also download PROMT Office 10.

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