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n-Track Studio EX 8 Overview

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n-Track Studio EX 8 has got a simple and very intuitive interface and the layout is a very well organized which will provide you a quick access to all its functions. It offers piano-roll based editing facility for those who need to work with the MIDI files. n-Track Studio EX 8 can easily display the tempo evolution and it can also be used for increasing as well as decreasing the velocity of the loaded audio plus you can also set note length as well. n-Track Studio EX 8 also lets you convert WAV files into MP3, OGG and WMA files easily. It has got a built-in mixer with numerous auxiliary inputs and many separated channels. All in all n-Track Studio EX 8 is an awesome application which can be used for tool for editing your audio tracks. You may also like to download Celemony Melodyne Editor.

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