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Office 365 Pro Plus Overview

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Even though  Office 365 Pro Plus does not need any internet connection for its use but still you need to connect to the internet after every month so that your licensing status can be checked. With a single license you can install your Office 365 Pro Plus onto 5 different computers. The installation process of Office 365 Pro Plus is quick as it uses click to run technology. Hence on a matter of no time you are ready to use your product. Office 2010 is great choice as well for light weight.

Office 365 Pro Plus Direct Link Download

The files created by Office 365 Pro Plus can be stored onto the local computer as well as on the cloud. All the programs in Office 365 Pro Plus are same as that of Office 2013. All in all Office 365 Pro plus is a very handy application which require on internet for using all its features.

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