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Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary 9th Edition Overview

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Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary has come up with many editions and the one we are reviewing today is the 9th Edition. The 9th Edition has come up with many new features and it has got 900 new words like Photobomb, fracking and lolz etc. It has got a new worth mentioning feature known as My Wordlists. In My Wordlists you can add different words into your own wordlists by using Add to my wordlist button. This time around it has added many words from other languages like ginseng, graffiti and bravado etc. It has got a very simple and intuitive interface and it has got some new speaking and writing tools like Oxford iSpeaker and Speaking Tutor as well as Oxford iWriter and Writing Tutor. You may also like t download Oxford Talking Dictionary.

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