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Pentoo Linux 2015 ISO Overview

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It is best for them because of their demand of simple, reliable and a modern looking computer OS. This software is based on Gentoo and it uses Xfce for its default desktop environment. This software comes in the form of Live DVD ISO images which size approx. 2.5GB in size and they are compatible with the 64-bit computers. You must write these ISO images into a DVD or a USB drive in order to boot it. It contains an attractive looking and a Matrix-like boot screen which has been developed to let you start the live OS with the default drivers and settings. Additionally this software contains a number of penetration testing tools which include Dsniff, Ethereal, Ettercap, Ntop, BlueSniff, Redfang, Hydra, Ldapenum, John the Ripper, Amap, HttPush etc. in the bottomline you can easily say that Pentoo Linux is a great distribution of Linux and it is a great help for the security professionals.

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