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Serif DrawPlus X8 v14.0.0.19 Overview

Download Adobe Bridge CC DMG For MacOS

It has got a comprehensive design wizard which will allow you to build animations and drawings. There are loads of templates available which will let you create advertisements and posters. Serif DrawPlus X8 v14.0.0.19 has got all the basic drawing tools like pointer, freehand, node, text, blending and transparency etc. Any drawing can be converted into animation plus can export files into BMP, TGA, PNG and JPG etc. Basic editing operations like flipping, rotating and scaling ca be done easily. Animations can be represented by logos, horizontal rules, banner ads and web buttons of different sizes. A drawing can be created easily on A3, A4 letter and other type of pages. Serif DrawPlus X8 v14.0.0.19 is very easy to use application which uses very moderate amount of system resources. You may also like to download Serif DrawPlus X6.

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