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SmadAV Pro 10.9 2016 Overview

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Smadav Pro performs faster scanning and Smad-Turbo can be activated to speed things up. It also supports filtering and you can filter by file type which means SmadAV will only scan the files defined in the filter. This process will help in accelerating the scanning process. There is an exception list feature available in this antivirus utility which can be used for ignoring some specific files from scanning. These are the files which you will be sure about that they are not affected by viruses. SmadAV screen can be adjusted according to your preferences. If you think that the screen is too big than you can hide the panel and if you think that the screen is less extensive than you can maximize it. SmadAV by default has a green color theme but you can change the color according to your choice. You can also download Hitman Pro 64 Bit Portable.

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