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TeamViewer Premium 12 Portable Overview

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TeamViewer Premium 12 Portable as its name is suggesting is a portable application which means you as well as your friends don’t need to install this application into your system. With this portable application your friend can control your system easily. TeamViewer Premium 12 Portable will rely on computers IDs and passwords which are required to be entered so that the user can access a remote workstation. Once you have established the connection loads of actions can be performed which includes locking, rebooting as well as switching sides with connected PCs. If your Internet connection is slow you can easily deactivate wallpaper as well as can adjust the screen resolution. TeamViewer Premium 12 Portable supports multiple users connected to the PC at the same time. This awesome software application can easily let you transfer your files as well as print files remotely. You can also capture screenshots as well as record the activity of desktop. On a conclusive note we can say that TeamViewer Premium 12 Portable is an awesome application which will let you have a remote access to your systems. You can also download TeamViewer 8.

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