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Total Commander Ultima Prime Overview

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Total Commander Ultima Prime has got much improved features which will let you manage your files more efficiently and easily. It has got a very simple installation process and consists of several steps through which you can configure several aspects of Total Commander. As always the case with Total Commander, the interface is very eye catchy and user friendly. On the top of the interface there is a bundle of buttons through which you can access different features with just a single click. It has got different styles which can be selected in installation. It has got loads of plugins and you won’t require any alternative software product. System Tools Hyena is another great alternative for similar tasks.

Total Commander Ultima Prime Latest Version Download

With Total Commander Ultima Prime you can easily add or remove programs plus can access the autorun. You can also burn a CD or DVD easily. This comprehensive package comes very light on the system and use very little CPU memory compared to Windows Explorer which I think should be enough to tilt yourselves to Total Commander Ultima Prime.

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