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Ultimate Adobe Photoshop Plugins Bundle 2016.03 Overview

Download Adobe Bridge CC DMG For MacOS

Ultimate Adobe Photoshop Plugins Bundle 2016.03 offers some advanced photo tools like RepaintMyImage 1.2, DeblurMyImage 2.2, SignMyImage 4.1. With RepaintMyImage you can turn your photos into awesome paintings and you can use different algorithms like Smudge (Soft curly repainting), Repaint (Hard edge repainting) and Cartoonize (Comic style). With DeBlurMyImage you can easily de-blur your blurred images which are the result of inaccurate focusing or camera shaking. With SignMyImage 4.1 you can easily add invisible signs into your photos. This bundle also includes Alien Skin Software plug-ins like Alien Skin Exposure, Alien Skin Bokeh, Alien Skin Eye Candy, Alien Skin Blow Up and Alien Skin Snap Art. With Alien Skin Exposure you can edit photos and simplifies routine tasks. Alien Skin Bokeh will accurately simulates shallow depth of field and gives control over the highlight appearance and apparent depth. Alien Skin Eye Candy renders realistic effects into your images which are almost impossible to achieve with Photoshop. You can also download Topaz Photoshop Plugins Bundle.

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