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Unity Pro v5.4.1f1 Overview

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Unity Pro v5.4.1f1 supports almost all file formats and almost any art application can be used with Unity. It has got a highly optimized graphics pipeline for OpenGL as well as for DirectX. Unity Pro v5.4.1f1 is easy in its use which is flexible and has enhanced the performance. It has got a ShaderLab language by which you can write your own shaders. With this impressive game development tool you can bring any game online with ease. You can easily add online scores and chat. You can easily create real time networked multiplayer functionality. It has got a built-in Ageia PhysX Physics Engine which is considered as world’s most advanced physics engine. When it comes to scripting languages Unity Pro v5.4.1f1 supports JavaScript, C# and Boo which is a dialect of Python. It also provides enhanced lighting system with realtime shadows and baked lightmaps. You can also download Unity 3D Pro.

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