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Video Splitter Overview

Download Adobe Bridge CC DMG For MacOS

Now once the movie is in the timeline you can click on the timeline and just place the red marker at the start of the portion which you want to remove or split after this you need to specify the ending point of the unwanted portion. Once both the point are defined now you can split the portion easily and then either can treat it as a different clip which can be moved from its place to anywhere in the video or can simply delete it.

You can also split your video and can get rid of the unwanted portion by  a more simple and quick method. The video can be split during play. There is a yellow bar above the timeline while playing the video when the unwanted portion starts you can click on the thumb down button and release it when the unwanted portion ends. You video will split and the unwanted portion will be deleted automatically. After this you can save you video easily.

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