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Waves All Plugins Bundle v9r29 Overview

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Waves has got an impressive line of compressors, equalizers, reverb tools and noise reduction tools. There is a long list of Waves Audio plugins like Platinum which is an impressive collection of plugins which covers EQ, reverb, pitch correction and many more. It has also got JJ Analog Legends which has been developed by world renowned mixer Jack Joseph Puig. JJ Analog Legends include 4 audio plugins which are based on Pultec EQs and Fairchild 670 compressor. It also includes Restoration which has got 5 awesome noise reduction tools. It has got tools which will restore your damaged recordings. Restoration is an all in one cleaning tool which has got Z-Noise, X-Hum, X-Click and X-Crackle etc. One of the many Waves Plugins is Tape, Tube & Transistors which has been developed with the help and supervision of Eddie Kramer, a legendary engineer and producer. All in all Waves All Plugins Bundle v9r29 is an imposing collection of audio plugins which will be helpful in all your audio projects. You can also download FL Studio 11 Producer Edition.

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