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Windows 10 Pro Build 10547 32 64 Bit ISO Overview

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This build has come up with lots of enhancements like Start menu has been improved considerably as now it includes Show more tiles option plus Start menu also supports 2048 tiles instead of 512 tiles. All the old and classic options have been restored in the Theme page in this build. The background color for the context menu has also been changed from white to grey. Microsoft Edge browser has also been enhanced greatly and browsing has become more simple and easy. This build includes lots of updated apps and a new animation has been introduced for opening and closing an application.  Some issues which were faced in previous builds have been fixed n this build like critical error dialog boxes appearing has been fixed and Notification icon for Action Center has been fixed which was giving false signals formerly. You may also like to download Windows 10 AIO 22 in 1 32/64 Bit.

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