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Windows 10 Redstone 14267 Core Overview

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It starts with the Cortana, now that you have installed this new build Cortana will provide you a button at top. This button will serve the purpose to search your favorite music in your PC. There are a lot of improvements in the Microsoft Edge such as while closing Edge you can select to clear the browsing history. Also you can change its favorite bar to show only icons and you will get to see a lot less words. Additionally you will get a popup every time the download starts and also the option to change the download location. With the beautiful Camera App you can easily capture photos and then attach them in the Skype to send to your loved ones. Many of the complaints have been fixed such as “Reset this PC” will not make your PC unusable. And the WSClient.dll error will not appear, front facing camera will also work through Intel RealSense etc. You can also download Windows 10 Redstone 1 14257 ISO AIO 30in1.

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