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Windows 10 x64 Enterprise ISO LTSB Apr 2016 Overview

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Windows 10 Enterprise has got some new stuff which will surely inspire you. Let’s have a look at some of the new stuff included in this version. The booting process has been made safe and trusted as it closes the pathways which let malware to hide from operating system by starting first. Microsoft Passport is an impressive feature which will enhance your security by supporting facial and iris based recognition and fingerprints. It has also got a new feature named as Device Guard which will put you in commanding position of your environment and will help in preventing malware and untrusted application from running. The Start menu has made its way back into the OS and this time it has become better with Live Tiles and adjustable sizes. In order to provide you with better web experience Windows 10 has come up with Edge, a web browser ideal for sharing, reading and discovering stuff. This version has also got Internet Explorer 11. You may also like to download Windows 10 Enterprise Build 10547.

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