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Windows 8.1 Core Overview

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Internet Explorer 10 has been included in this operating system for better browsing. The tablet like power management has been introduced in Windows 8.1 Core edition with Instant Go. With Instant Go physical security of the system also improves. Microsoft account has also been integrated for better connection. Enhancements have been made for the touch keyboard which means now you can type faster.

Windows 8.1 Enterprise is also a better option than Core. A new option has been included in Windows 8.1 Core which will allow you to go directly to the desktop instead of Start Screen. While on desktop a hint appears for the Start option. The live tiles present on the Start Screen can be moves at your desired place. The tiles can be pinned or unpinned for Windows app.

Windows 8.1 Core Latest Version Download

Much emphasis have been shown on the security of the system and data. Strong measures have been taken so that your data remain safe. Networking has also been improved.

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