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Windows Vista All in One ISO Overview

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This OS came with a totally new look and feel. It has some of the key features which Microsoft extended through all of their upcoming projects. The new look Vista had was called as Windows AERO, this provided a whole new cleaner and easy to access environment. The Start Menu was changed as an attractive Windows Pearl orb but it has the option to go back to the classic Start Menu. The search system was also renewed and it was named as Windows Search. The Security in Windows Vista has been the top priority because it was the main setback in Microsoft’s previous OS. Windows Defender was added to block all the viruses and malwares. The Internet Explorer and Windows Media Player were upgraded to IE 7 and Windows Media Player 11. Altogether this edition of Microsoft Windows is very attractive and it has a lot of new features which make it more pleasing and easy to use. You can also download Windows Vista Home Premium.

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