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WinDump Overview

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WinDump comes in two parts, the first one named WinPcap which is the set of network capture drivers. WinDump utilized it to get packet-level access to network interfaces. The second part is the program itself which can be initiated from the command line. While running WinDump the first thing you should do is initiate -D which will enlist all the available networks on the network interfaces. The most powerful feature of WinDump is that you can decode encrypted network traffic which is sent through IPsec. If you desire to describe an external file with filter parameters you can use -F<filename>. One thing to be mentioned here is that this action will caues the program to ignore any of the filtered parameters that are supplied to the command line. WinPCAP is another great network Packet Analysis tool.

WinDump Offline Installer Download

All in all WinDump is a powerful application which is considered a the Windows version of tcpdump the network analyzer for UNIX OS. This powerful analyzer will prompt you whenever something fishy happen into your network.

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