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WinSetUpFromUSB Overview

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WinSetUpFromUSB has a very simple interface and working with it is very easy. All you need to do is to select the specific USB drive and then format it. As you need to format your USB for installation of operating system therefore it is strongly recommended that you create the backup of your data. WinSetUpFromUSB supports multiple operating systems and you can install all Windows and Linux versions. Once the USB is formatted you need to specify the path of the bootable file of your required operating system. WintoFlash is another great alternative for Windows OS Installation from Pen Drive.

WinSetUpFromUSB Direct Link Download

WinSetUpFromUSB has the option of advanced setting by which you can modify the setting of your operating systems. WinSetUpFromUSB is very easy in its use and both professionals and newbies can use it with ease. On a conclusive note we can say that WinSetUpFromUSB is a very handy device which will enable you to install any operating system and will make your USB drive more useful than just a storage device.

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