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Wireshark Portable Overview

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Winshark allows you to select the network of your choice if you are using multiple networks for capturing network traffic. The capture is initiated you can monitor all of your connections in detail. You can also set filter if you need to have your emphasis on certain connections. Apart from setting filters to have your emphasis on certain connections you can also use color scheme which is another productive way to differentiate your connections. The color scheme will enable you to set the most important connection more visible. Winshark Portable have some default colors to be applied on connections but if you are more adventurous you can select your own custom colors. IPScan Tool is another great tool for packet analysis.

Wireshark Portable Free Download

On a conclusive note we can say that Wireshark Portable is a very handy tool which will enable you to analyze your network more efficiently at any place and on any system.

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