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Xperia Flashtool For Windows Overview

Download Adobe Bridge CC DMG For MacOS

The installation process is very quick and simple for this application. With this falshtool you can flash the standard Sony software onto your unlocked Xperia smartphones. When the installation process is completed all you need to do is to open the Flashtool and connect the USB cable to your computer. Now in order to connect your phone into a flashmode it needs to be turned off and a specific key needs to be pressed till the connection is established. This key varies in different version of Xperia smartphones. You can find out all about keymapping from the developer’s website. Once the phone is connected with a certain key pressed it will be shown in the Flashtool interface and it will quickly tell you the model connected with your system. After some time Flashtool will show you the available sofware for your smartphone. These software are listed in the services column. Then you need to select the software you want and press the apply service button and within no time the Sony software will be installed into your smartphone. Samsung PC Studio can be used for Samsung Mobiles.

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